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The 4c Company has developed a range of off the shelf products that can be used as-is or customized to meet your specific requirements.

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4c Exchange - Integration Made Easy

x4c is a collection of libraries, utilities and server software that facilitate communications between different and divergent systems. Communication can be by file, socket, message queue, database or any other medium. Configuration of translations between disparate systems is via an easy to use visual tool and, with an open API, functionality can be easily extended to communicating with almost any system imaginable.

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4c Authentication & Authorization

Auth4c is an abstraction of various authentication back-ends that eases the implementation of authenticating users accessing a corporate web portal. In addition to its own internal authentication mechanism, it can integrate seamlessly with other authentication engines including Radius, LDAP and Active Directory and, with an open API, it can be easily integrated with almost any other back-end.

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Directory Manager

DirectoryManager was created to maintain a membership database for trade associations and BIAs. A web front end made it possible to use the database to drive an association website. Functionality was then added to manage occasional Festivals and Fairs, again with support for a public facing website.

The latest version of the software adds support for self-service booking of Festival participants.

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Open Source

The 4c Company also maintain a number of libraries that are available for anyone to use...

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Open Source